ArtVilnius 2021

Ritums Ivanovs charcoal drawing 2021 of fellow artist Marina Abramovic
Last week, Ritums Ivanovs participated at ArtVilnius  together with Bastejs Gallery of Riga. This is the only contemporary art fair in Lithuania and the largest event of visual arts in Eastern Europe. Over the last ten years, the art fair has expanded and become firmly established on the local and international art scene, as well as on the list of must-visit events for art lovers. Every year ArtVilnius has over 23,000 visitors, with about 65 art galleries from a dozen or so countries participating (Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, the Netherlands, Russia, Italy, France etc).
At this year´s edition, Latvia was represented by two galleries: Gallery “Bastejs” with geometrically precise works by Henri Preiss, portraits of Ritums Ivanovs in his linear technique, as well as works by Kristians Brekte in mixed media plus also Agija Sūna Art Gallery with paintings by Irēna Lūse, Signe Vanadziņa and Dita Lūse.

This year, the Fair experienced its 12th edition. With the participation of 56 galleries from 12 countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Albania, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy), the fair continues to prove itself as a significant participant in the Eastern European art scene. Moreover, the absolute predominance of Lithuanian galleries makes no foreign guest break his head - how possible is such a large number of galleries in such a relatively small country? Lithuania has a network of art galleries and centres, which includes galleries created by the state, municipalities, public organizations and higher education institutions, as well as private galleries. In total, there are currently more than 50 galleries in the country. In 1996, the Lithuanian Association of Art Galleries was established, under the auspices of which the ArtVilnius fair has been organized since 2009.

If Vilnius Art Fair is not among the European dynamic art fairs with mega-sales, it is definitely among those where works are bought by everyday art lovers. As ArtVilnius Art Director Sonata Baļuckaite said, “Sales results were good this year, many art works were sold. Maybe not the most expensive ones and their buyers cannot be quite called art collectors, but we can be proud of a wide range of art fans and buyers. This year we also organized a special stand for young collectors, where the price did not exceed 500 euros, as well as works on paper aka drawings, collages, graphics, etc. were quite widely represented at the fair.”

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