Mark Rothko Painting Symposium

“Rotkho”. Group show of Rothko copies

Get the book: Contemplating Portraiture

Artsy Viewing Room

Contemplating Portraiture in Kuldiga

Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 

Portraits in Presidential Castle

​Commission for Court of Justice

Casein painting workshop

Solo show / Contemplating Portraiture

ArtVilnius 2021

Swedbank Art Collection

Paper Positions / Basel

New portraits at Mežotne Manor

Group show at Bastejs Gallery

Winners of Cēsis Art Prize announced

Winner of Copyright Infinity Award

New acquisitions of National Art Museum

Group show at Rietumu bank

Ornaments. Annual workshop

Spezifikation #39. Curator’s Choice

Karosta Festival & en plein air

Colouring Book & Arterritory

Charity Project: Strengthen the Strong

Large-scale paintings at Forest Plein air

Official portrait of President Berzins 

New Work in Toronto

3D art festival

Exhibition in Theater Gallery 

Artsy with FELD+HAUS Gallery

Portrait in Latvia. 20th century

Luxembourg Art Fair

White Light in Bastejs Gallery + Photos

A Week with Mini Clubman

Man In Art / XO Gallery

Kiev Art Fair 

Luxembourg Art Fair

Exhibition of the Zuzāns Collection

Head to Foot. Musée Würth France

Interview. Voog user experience

Scope Basel June 13-18

INSIGHTS in Feld+Haus Gallery

“Experimental Sidestep” in jewellery

Context Art Fair New York

Hyperrealism in LV National Museum

Scope Miami til December 4

Arterritory studio visit before "Connect"

CONNECT. Solo show in Bastejs

Galerie Kohler Geneva

Paitings in Würth Collection catalogue

Anamorphic 3D painting workshop

Solo exhibition at Kuldīga Art House

Mainzer Volksbank 23.06.2015

In Concierge magazine of Abu Dhabi

30 of 30. Exhibition in Kuldiga, LV

In Abu Dhabi until April

Newsletter 2014

Interiors and paintings. Ritums in Deko

Latvian top artists do T-shirts

Ivanovs among 10 Artists You Should Know

Gallery Proarta, Zürich

With Proarta to Kunst Zurich

Proarta Gallery Summer Show, CH

Exhibiting at Scope during Art Basel

Painting for Imago Mundi of Benetton

Painting of the Year Award

cARTc Interactions @ Budapest, Hungary

Art talks with German Chamber of Commerce

Painting with students

Skulls at Berliner Liste 2013

NY group show from July 25

Scedule for June: Venice, Basel, Büdelsdorf, Schwäbich Hall

Symbol of Illusion. Ivanovs new works. Open May 8

Ivanovs Depeche Mode at NordArt

The Public and Private Faces Of Ex-president

2012 best artworks at Riga Gallery show

Ivanovs Portrait of President on Show for 2 days

Ivanovs technique in SSE Riga publication

Ritums' works in Tartu, Estonia

Ivanovs art in Latvian Parliament

Ivanovs featured entrant of Art Takes Miami

LV and ET artists' exhibition travels to Tartu

From Head to Toe. Human Images in the Focus of the Würth Collection + Photos!

Ivanovs next to Warhol at Würth collection 

Photos: Lady Gaga paintings in Gallery

Lady Gaga concert + Ivanovs exhib of Gaga 

Director of ArtPromotion02 gallery on creating a Brand

NY Art Takes Times Square Premiere

LV band Astrowind new CD artwork

SOLD! Ivanovs painting sold at auction

Profile at Saatchi Online updated

Ivanovs in jury of Fotokvartals magazine

Amy, Kate, Gaga in Riga Gallery until Jan. 14

Jackson painting at annual LV contemporary art exhibition

Arterritory artist of the month: Ivanovs

Ivanovs at Dense Space of Arsenals

Photos of AMY.KATE.GAGA opening

Riga Gallery invites: Art Moscow 2011

Unique.Felt: felt technique at Kalnciema quarters