Swedbank modern art collection

Forming Swedbank's modern art collection started in 2004, and in cooperation with Gallery XO (Riga) and its representative art historian Ilze Žeivate, it still continues to be expanded. At the moment this is the biggest collection of Latvian modern art open to wider public, it consists of the works of 115 modern Latvian authors with more that 400 pieces of art in various techniques like painting, graphic works, sculptures, photos and textile

The collection of Latvian modern art in Swedbank's new house at Balasta dambis 1a, Rīga, consists of work of authors whose art has already crossed the line of traditional Latvian school of painting. In their works one can see almost all art forms and schools of the 20th century, incl. post-impressionism and fauvism, abstractionism and expressionism, photo realism, pop-art etc. These are works that were created during the past 20 years and are as old as we are, and live together with us.

The author of the modern art collection of Swedbank is Ilze Žeivate.

Ivanovs in Swedbank

"Art Nouveau impresija", year 2000, canvas/acrylic; 115x115 cm, located on 5th floor

Ivanovs lithograph in Swedbank

"Atspulgs I", year 2003, paper, litography, 55x50.5 cm, located on 5th floor

Ivanovs lithograph in Swedbank

"Atspulgs II", year 2003, paper, litography, 55x50.5 cm, located on 5th floor

Swedbank is a full-service bank for both private individuals and companies in the home markets Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Their core business serves a majority of private individuals as well as small- and medium-sized companies. The bank has have 9.5 million private customers and 688 000 corporate customers with 340 branches in Sweden and 220 branches in the Baltic countries. As of 31 December 2010, the balance sheet amounted to SEK 1 716 billion and the number of employees totaled about 17 200.

Source: Swedbank and Gallery XO

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