Paintings in Moscow Volkhonka Art Centre

The embassy of Latvia in Russia and the office of Latvian President in cooperation with Riga Gallery have organized a Latvian art exhibition named "Art Area ", which will be opened during Latvian President's official visit in Russian Federation, the exhibition shall happen in Moscow at Volkhonka Fine Arts Centre

Riga Gallery has selected 12 authors for the exhibition with their 21 works of art, from Latvian painting stars like Edvards Grube (abstract expressionism) to Ritums Ivanovs (photo realism and op art). The selected works have been part of successful solo exhibitions in Latvian National Art Museum, have been shown at exhibition hall Arsenals and in important international exhibitions. Two of the artists displayed, Liga Purmale and Ritums Ivanovs, are the only Latvian artists whose works have been exhibited and auctioned at Sotheby's auction house of London (June 2009).

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