Winners of Cēsis Art Prize announced

Ritums Ivanovs oil painting of his son Rasmus (sleeping) has won the Silver Prize of Cesis Art Prize 2020
Ritums Ivanovs oil painting of his son Rasmus (sleeping) has won the Silver Prize (depicted here on the right). The exhibition and competition "Cēsis Art Prize 2020" took place in the Cēsis Exhibition Hall from October 30 to November 13. The artists of the competition, were awarded a financial prize fund aka one Gold, two Silvers and one Spectator Prize, the Cesis History and Art Museum has announced. The Gold Prize of the competition was won by sculptor Matiass Jansons, Silver Prizes - artists Eero Rass and Ritums Ivanovs. During the exhibition, visitors were invited to vote for their favourite work, so artist Anna More won the Audience Award.

The works were judged by a professional jury, i.e. textile artist Mārtiņš Heimrāts, associate professor of the Latvian Academy of Arts, ceramicist Līga Skariņa, art theorist Baiba Eglīte and deputy of Cēsis County Council, pedagogue Lelde Krastiņa. 24 artists who are associated with Cēsis region, submitted their works to the competition. 48 works of art created in 2019/2020 were submitted altogether. Authors that took part in the exhibition: Signe Vanadziņa, Laila Balode, Ritums Ivanovs, Anna Baklāne, Lelde Kalmīte, Kristīne Rozenberga, Vita Vīksna, Inese Ezertēva, Normunds Laņģis, Dzintra Vilks, Sanita Roze, Matiass Jansons et al. The works represented various genres of visual art: painting, graphics, sculpture, ceramics, metal, leather, textiles, glass art and other.

The members of the jury acknowledged that all entries were professionally made, high quality and that the evaluation process was not easy. Each work stood out with a particularly original message and the whole thing was like a journey into the world view depicted by the artists. The jury unanimously acknowledged that there was unspeakable joy regarding the work of Cēsis artists, and invited the artists to dare submit also works in the field of visual communication (digital creation) next year.

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