cARTc Interactions @ Budapest, Hungary

For the first time, Ritums Ivanovs will be participating in a group show "Interactions" located in Budapest, Hungary, at an exhibition organised by a non-profit association cARTc. The show that opens Nov 26, will be focussing on materializations of the imagination, changing reality, parallel ways of thought and observer&object, and is curated by Anett Gecov, the cArtc Art Historian 

"cARTc Space and Projects of Contemporary Art is presenting an international group exhibition in Budafok, at the AQB basis. The main goal of the organization is to develop a platform where an international communication and cooperation could be generated within the world of the contemporary art. We have invited artists from Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Hungary, who will introduce themselves with installations, paintings, drawings and graphics.
Can anything be isolated? Is it possible to realize art, or human being, even life alone, without others? Reality is in constant changing, generated by interactions. This term is often used in the field of science to describe the relations of the physical world, but it is also relates to the societies and the cultural connections.
The human-created artworks are the materializations of imagination. The secondary reality, which is created by art world, reacts with the main one. The exhibition investigates the evidence of the interaction between subjects and objects. 
We show this phenomenon in an international context through artists' works from different countries. It is referring to the new world of art without borders and to the parallel ways of thought and emotions, which was able to develop a communication between people as a side of the globalization. The exhibited artworks are investigating different segments of reality, and they also have effects and react to each other, because they exists in the same place where the interaction should exist between the observer and its objects.

Exhibition: Interactions
Participating artists: Maarit Murka (EST), Kaido Ole (EST), Ritums Ivanovs (LV), Guntars Sietins (LV), Mindaugas Lukosaitis (LT), Andrius Zakarauskas (LT), Zsuzsi Csiszér (HU) Attila Szűcs (HU)
Opening: 2013.11.26. 19.00 pm.
Open: 2013.11.27-2014.02.28
Curator: Anett Gecov
Venue: cARTc, Nagytétényi út 48-50., Budapest, Hungary
Art talks with German Chamber of Commerce
Painting of the Year Award