Ornaments. Annual workshop

The annual artists' workshop is taking place this year from July 27 to August 2, its theme: ornaments. The week-long event is organized by ArtCēsis and Inese Ciekure, participating artists include Ritums Ivanovs, Reinis Liepa, Ansis Rozentāls, Jānis Blanks, Janis Dukāts, Signe Vanadziņa, Laima Bikše, Jānis Šneiders as well as master Dmitrij Laschetko. On July 27, there will be a lecture by Jurģis Šķilters "Connection of Colors, Forms and Emotions" and then, with the help of Dmitri, the artists will prepare oil / wax paints for painting on metal (aluminum) sheets. The workshop premises are located in Cēsis, Raunas Street 13, next to the Cēsis Vidzeme Concert Hall.

Since 2012, the association "Art Cēsis" has been organizing a plein air for professional painters from Latvia. The event takes place every summer in the Latvian city of Cesis. The artist Ritums Ivanovs was born in Cēsis and although he acquired his professional education while studying and studying both in Riga (Janis Rozentāls Art School, Latvian Academy of Arts) and abroad (Humboldt University, California, USA), his daily activities are still connected with Cēsis, especially in summer.
Spezifikation #39. Curator’s Choice
Group show at Rietumu bank