LV and ET artists' exhibition travels to Tartu

The exhibition containing Ritums Ivanovs works made during the International Art Workshop "With a Pencil in the City" in Cesis this summer, will now travel to Tartu, Estonia, to be exhibited at Tartu Centre of Creative Industries. The exhibition shows work from June 2012 mastered in cooperation with Latvian and Estonian artists. The works of art, paintings and drawings were inspired by Cesis city cultural environment, reflecting each artist's view of the city 

Art works from International Cēsis Art Plenair will be exhibited in Tartu Creative Industries Center in October 2012. Estonian and Latvian artists worked together this summer in Cēsis and created art works, using natural linen seed oil based paints. The exhibit opening is scheduled for October 5.

The exhibit was displayed in Cēsis, Latvia, for three months, during which more than 4000 people had a chance to see it. Now it will be available on display in Tartu, Estonia. Some of the artworks will also participate in Tartu art auction.

Artists from Latvia: Vita Merca, Ritums Ivanovs, Andris Eglītis,  Reinis Liepa, Laima Bikše, Kristīne Rozenberga, Signe Vanadziņa, Eero and Emma Rass, Ansis Butnors, Augusts Zariņš, Gatis Šļūka, Latvian Art Academy students Arta Kalniņa, Monta Apsāne, Mārtiņš Zutis, Ieva Kampe, Ansis Rozentāls and Askolds Darnopihs. Artists from Tartu: Peeter Krosmann, Alar Tuul, Gaidi Kesa, Olivia Parmasto and Albert Gulk.
The exhibit is part of Estonia - Latvia programme part-funded "Local Artists for Regional Development" project.
Tartu Creative Industries center is located on Kalevi tn. 13 in Tartu.
More info: and the ESTLAT site

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